straight to the point – from different points of view



Straight to the point – from different points of view


StraightTalk has been created to meet a need, your need. We have been asked to deliver a discussion platform that meets two key objectives. Firstly, it must be free, and remain free of advertisers’ influence, be that big business, government or any other. We therefore rely exclusively on small advertisers none of whom accounts for more than 10% of our revenue. Secondly, we embrace a wide spectrum of opinion. We routinely disagree with many of the points of view that are expressed, but that of itself is a measure of our success.


We have tried to attract all the columnists and experts that the public want to hear from. We have been very successful in bringing our first group on board, and will continue to strive for greater and broader content in the months and years ahead. Browse the site to appreciate the many writers who contribute to an impressive body of work.


The platform is developed utilizing the Perpetual Beta methodology which is common to most of the applications from our developers at DevZoneTT. Under that methodology, improvements are an ongoing process, built into the very DNA of the product. You will therefore see frequent improvements to the platform, in response to user requests, or based on our own diagnostics of user interaction.


This platform  has been built and maintained for you, so do let us know if there are any improvements you would like to see. Your feedback is vital to the its success.