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Sex rules in T&T by Kevin Baldeosingh

Sex rules in T&T by Kevin Baldeosingh

According to UNC hacks, the fact that PNM leader Keith Rowley wined for Carnival with a 17-year-old girl who looks in her 20s makes him unfit to be prime minister.

This, presumably, is because such hacks believe that a person’s sex life determines his ability to reduce crime, create jobs, and eat ghee. So Maha Sabha head Sat Maharaj declared himself “shocked” by Dr Rowley’s action, although Sat remains quite blasé about Hindu men having sex with 14-year-old girls by marrying them. That is because sex with a child who is your wife does not affect men’s ability to get State jobs, fake degrees and Viagra. And the fact that the 17-year-old girl declared that she hates racial people must have deeply offended Maharaj, who has long defended his right to disown his daughter if she married a black man.
On the other hand, one UNC hack on social media was very concerned about the young woman, writing that he hoped she didn’t have a Laventille boyfriend who would murder her for wining on another man. In this respect, however, such UNC spokespersons are no different from PNM-till-ah-deads, who believe that all Indians should be barred from being Government ministers, especially if they are having sex.
Interestingly, though, none of these hacks had any criticisms when Dr Rowley said he would improve the country’s education system by keeping unmarried pregnant teachers out of class; by prosecuting a teenage boy who tried to commit suicide after he stabbed a boy who was bullying him; and by placing all delinquent students in the same school. That is because, in this place, dotish ideas do not demonstrate unfitness for political office, whereas letting a young woman wine on you does.
The UNC hacks also wondered about Mrs Rowley, probably because none of them have attractive wives or are not themselves wives, attractive or otherwise. According to them, a man who wines with a woman who is not his wife is not fit to hold political office. Which is odd, since these same hacks had absolutely no problem when Fyzabad MP Chandresh Sharma was accused of assault by his outside woman.
However, it must be borne in mind that Sharma is a pundit, so he was presumably just obeying dharma when he carried the woman on official overseas trips paid for by taxpayers. Indeed, at that time, the same Sat Maharaj told the Express that “Politicians and their extra-marital affairs and matters like these sit on their own”, even going so far as to blame Sharma’s girlfriend, saying, “She must have known what she was getting into.”
By contrast, some feminists hailed the woman as a heroine for standing up to a Government minister, yet they had nothing to say when it turned out that the woman’s assault allegation was false. But that is hardly surprising, since feminists also argue that women who use their sexual attractiveness are victims of patriarchy. However, when skettels are featured drinking and wining and stealing cars in a Machel Montano video, feminists then say that sketteldom demonstrates “poor, black female empowerment”.
Given all this, it may seem that Trinbagonians’ sexual morality changes according to whether it suits their party line or panty line. This is not always so, though, since both sides of the political divide agree that being homosexual disqualifies an individual, not only from holding public office, but from having any rights at all. That is why Presbyterian Minister Joy Abdul-Mohan’s recommendation to Parliament that gays be allowed to adopt children has already met with strong objections from people who think licks and prayers are the keys to raising a good child.
All of which only proves that it’s not wining back which keeps us backward.

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