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COVID economics Part 1

COVID economics Part 1

I am not an economist. I am an accountant and a database specialist. That is why I shy away from serious economic analysis. Although my training many years ago included some economic theory and I worked among economists frequently, I still consider myself to be no more than an informed lay person in the field. We are blessed as a nation with a veritable production line of highly educated and widely acclaimed economists so I try to keep my counsel to myself.

People of almost every educational and professional background often regard the two professions as one and the same. It is important to recognise the distinction, as failing to do so runs the risk of delivering less than ideal performance in critical economic and financial matters. It is for this reason that I am often at pains to remind people that I am not an economist. Equally I am very perturbed when economists stray into accountants territory like capital investment appraisal, on which I have commented regularly.

If we are to make the best decisions for the country in both economic and finance matters then decisions should be taken by the correct person based on the nature of the matter at hand. I can’t imagine many accountants who would have made the decisions to continue “investing” in an ever deeper cesspool of losses at the Petrotrin refinery.

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